UVC Mobile Sterilizer – LITE-066, 150W, white, light bulb length 915 mm


  • This device does NOT produce ozone.
  • UVC lamps can be of two types: with and without ozone emissions. People infected with Coronavirus and those suffering from lung disease are advised NOT to be exposed to ozone emissions.
  • The device must be used only in the absence of people in the room.
  • When in use it is recommended to take protective measures to prevent the ultraviolet radiation from reaching people’s eyes and skin.


  • The mobile UVC sterilizer is a device used to disinfect surfaces and air in rooms, destroying 99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • It uses a special UV radiation with wavelength between 253.7 – 254 nanometers, which destroys the DNA chain of viruses and bacteria, preventing them from spreading.
  • This device is powered by 1 UV radiation tube type H 150W
  • The radiant power of this device is 39W.
  • Disinfected surface: 30 sqm in 30 minutes of operation. The calculation was made for rooms with a maximum height of 3 m.
  • For larger rooms, move the device to various areas of the room to cover the entire surface.

Area of use:

  • Homes, offices, work spaces, schools and kindergartens, medical offices, hospitals.

How to operate:

  • Step 1: Install the base and then position the upper part above the lower one and fix them with the screws
  • Step 2: Open the protection door and raise the lamp arm to the desired position, install the lamp tube in its slot and rotate it 90 degrees
  • Step 3: Insert the plug into the socket, press the switch and set the timer. Set the usage time as needed, up to 60 minutes.
    The “I” symbol on the switch means ON, and the “0” symbol means OFF
    The timer has the function of automatic start and stop between 0 – 60 min. The timer will turn off the power automatically after the scheduled time has elapsed. The timer must only be rotated in the programming direction. Rotating in the opposite direction is strictly forbidden.
  • Remote control:
    Press the “switch / select” key to start programming. When the screen starts blinking, press “on / o ff / select” again. Please select the sterilization time according to your sterilization space. The sterilization time is selected after pressing the “switch / select” button for 5 seconds. The device will sound faster for another 10 seconds, during which time you will need to move away from the sterilization site. When the sound is finished, the unit starts operating. If necessary, you can switch off the sterilizer during operation by pressing the “switch / select” key to off.
  • Step 4: after use, press the top button and withdraw the lamp arm. Close the safety door and unplug the device
  • If the tube burns, a professional technician will disassemble it by rotating (unscrewing) it only after disconnecting the power supply.

Technical specifications:

  • Device tube length: 915 mm
  • Lamp arm length: 950 mm
  • Base size: 250 x 250 mm
  • Total height: 1190 mm
  • Lamp arm adjustment angle: 0 – 180
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Installed electrical power: 150 W
  • UVC radiant power: 39 W
  • Operating temperature: between minimum 5 and maximum 40 C
  • Lifespan of the UVC source: 8000 – 9000 operating hours


  • Always use it in the absence of people in the room!
  • Avoid touching the lamp tubes !
  • During disinfection: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can burn the skin of humans and animals, can affect human eyes. People, animals and plants should not be in the room being disinfected in order to avoid burning.
  • Some materials with low tolerance to ultraviolet light (such as plastic, textiles, etc.) may change color, become brittle, or have other reactions when exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time.
  • After disinfection, ventilate the room for at least 60 minutes.
  • The surface of the sterilization lamp must be kept clean, otherwise the sterilization will be affected.
  • When the brightness of the ultraviolet lamp is severely affected, the tube will be replaced with a new one.

UVC Mobile Sterilizer Photo

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