Step Project has the expertise and relationships to successfully manage the fuel stations development projects from concept, through design and production to the project approval and authorization.

Our Processes

Understanding your business needs, we come up with brilliant ideas and then we transform them in prototypes. We add your brand essence and our brand management experience.
We provide a various engineering and design solutions and we choose together the most fit ones for your business and communication strategies.

Our technical team provides all the drawings and technical projects in order to transform the prototype into a standard product.



Our expert engineers convert the design and 3D simulations into technical drawings for production.
We work with a single command center managing the communication flow between departments and making sure that each project is always on the right track and we met the deadlines.


Project approval and authorisation:

We guarantee that all necessary approvals and authorizations will be obtained in the minimum legal timeframe for all the projects implemented in both public and private premises.


What to Expect From Step Project

We believe that reliability and creativity go together when delivering optimal solutions to complex issues.
Therefore, we offer:

  • Fully Integrated Management Service
  • Project control and oversight freedom
  • Engineering and design management
  • Flexibility with a menu type service structure
  • Fully blended creative and strategic service
  • Final detailed drawings and certifications for local approvals and local support service
  • Accomplishing special requirements for the airport authorities and shopping centers
  • Documentations Control
  • Material sampling service

Step Project will always build a dedicated team for each project, with highly qualified people for the specific tasks.

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