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Concept development

From the drawing board to flawless execution – Our highly-experienced team delivers sustainable concepts with a high practical and creative potential for future applications.Read More »

Project management

Step Project has the expertise and relationships to successfully manage the fuel stations development projects from concept, through design and production to the project approval and authorization.Read More »

Technical design and architecture

The Step Project creative team and the desgn engineers are working collaboratively to deliver creative and practical solutions. We design persuasive visual communication means across all media.Read More »


We establish and maintain high operational and quality standards in all Step Project services.
Our qualified human resources and the genuine products in use are producing real value and the finest products in the industry.Read More »

You are in the right place if you are looking for:

  1. Designing and production of marketing and advertising materials: outdoor and indoor, signage, stands and furniture, illuminated signs; POSM’s for retail branding, gas station networks, airports, telecom, financial, cigarettes companies, hypermarket chains, shopping malls, corporate headquarters / branches, car show-rooms.
  2. Project management, design and production for outdoor media network: conventional and non -conventional outdoor support, national coverage, backlit, billboards, roof-tops, flags and directional signs, special projects.
  3. Project Management, engineering, production and construction for filling stations network, including outdoor and indoor signage. Full concept development for filling stations, shops, POSM’s.

Our successful process


Step 1: The brief and the objectives

We start with a preliminary meeting where we set clear objectives. We value your time, so right from the beginning we establish the parameters of the brief, what is in scope and out of scope, we discuss the creative aspects related to the brand and design.

Step 2: Concept creation

Based on your brand values we create the look and the feel, the wow and the buzz. By the end of this step, you will receive one creative direction, which will be the basement for the Concept Development.

Step 3: Concept development & engineering

We start to apply details to the concept. Your feedback is appreciated and implemented. Working closely with your team, we set a list of priorities.

Step 4: Production

We present you the final design, the engineering drawings and detailed description for the technical solutions. Than we start de production based on the approved specifications and cost structure and we make sure the project can be delivered on time.

You have an idea? We make it happen!