Flip-up Face Shield – Complete protection for face, eyes and nose

Product Description:

  • Fastening system with elastic band
  • Increased clarity
  • Easy to clean
  • Universal size
  • Folding visor made of transparent PET G, stiffened with compact polycarbonate frame, side screws for fixing and tightening in the desired folding position
  • Weight 100 grams
  • Product made in Romania


  • Human skin biocompatible and physiologically safe, does not cause irritation or other conditions when in contact with human skin
  • Folding visor allows lifting or lowering without removing the top
  • Intense use
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical actions
  • Maximum working temperature 50 ° C
  • Good resistance to chemical agents such as: mineral oils, turpentine, non-abrasive detergents, ethanol, glycerin.

Cleaning and disinfection:

  • This product can be cleaned or disinfected with liquid soap, a solution for cleaning optical products or a solution containing alcohol.
  • It can be sterilized under UV action.
  • During cleaning, the product must not be subjected to temperatures higher than 50 °C


  • Like any protection product, its lifespan depends on how it is used, cared for and maintained
  • The product must be protected from falling sources
  • It must not be stored on top of other products preventing mechanical damage and scratching
  • It must be protected from chemical environments.


  • In the original packaging
  • In closed spaces not exposed to dust with temperatures between 5 and 40 ° C, relative humidity less than 90%


The product must be transported in the original packaging.

Flip-up Face Shield Photo

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